guess who fell for L

I spotted you reading english-language books, that’s why I am writing this text in english. And oh, I fell for you, that’s why I am writing it in the first place. You are beautiful, this is my message to you. What else am I about to say, I wonder. It was a Tuesday when I went this troublesome way to that boring mall to get a glimpse of you although I didn’t need to buy anything. It was a Thursday when you crossed my path and clenched your fingers in an adorably cute way. Each glance that you give sends diamonds into the air, it was pretty much the best movie I ever saw. Each breath that you take has a roaring sound, it was the soundtrack of my summer. To be honest, the only reason I didn’t talk to you immediately is that my head was far too blurry. Truth be told, the only reason I messed it up is that my brain was overwhelmed with being happy. Of course I wasn’t in my best condition. A disastrous year made me stumble. I am good with words, but maybe I am not good with them when it’s face to face. So this is why I have to put these few sentences down. You may not know this, but you did me a tremendous favour. Thank you for getting me out of despair, whatever you did. Now I know I am still able to love and ready to await my destiny, whichever soul it may be. Hopefully there will be people in my life reading this. But perhaps the message will vanish into mist. And that would be a shame. It doesn’t even have to be perfect. I want something just like this.